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  • 🧘🏻‍♂️ Como cada determinado tiempo, un vibe shift se aproxima. Las cosas que eran cool antier (música, ropa, humor, lugares—sí, léase vibras) pronto ya no lo serán. ¿Estás listx? ¿Te debe importar? No, y no.

In the culture, sometimes things change, and a once-dominant social wavelength starts to feel dated. Monahan, who is 35, breaks down the three vibe shifts he has survived and observed: Hipster/Indie Music (ca. 2003–9), or peak Arcade Fire, Bloc Party, high-waisted Cheap Mondays, Williamsburg, bespoke-cocktail bars; Post-Internet/Techno Revival (ca. 2010–16), or the Blood Orange era, normcore, dressing like The Matrix, Kinfolk the club, not Kinfolk the magazine; and Hypebeast/Woke (ca. 2016–20), or Drake at his Drakest, the Nike SNKRS app, sneaker flipping, virtue signaling, Donald Trump, protests not brunch. […] You can argue the accuracy of Monahan’s timeline, but the thing that struck fear is that we were on the cusp of a new vibe shift. It is unnerving because when you really consider it, you can feel people flocking to a new thing. You can see that he’s right; something has shifted.

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